China is becoming a powerful country, why?




Nikolai Orlov, Lifelong Nomad

China traditionally was one of the world’s great empires.

Then it had a bad few hundred years, to the point that Europeans and Americans (and Japanese, making their first appearance as honorary westerners) would send their troops in to walk around China without a second thought.

China transformed from a total shit country in the mid-1970s, to what it is now, with many European or American cities looking rather shabby compared to Shanghai.

China has the largest population in the world - that gives it potential. It is mostly unified.






Viswanath Ajikumar, studied at Saraswati Vidya Mandir Schools

China is an ageless empire, a timeless civilization. And since the dawn of humanity, China has been a powerful influence in the world. There have been major players and minor players in the geopolitical arena ever since men figured out how to band together and kill others, and almost from the same time, China has been in the former camp more often than not.

For these ancient cultures, being the centre of the world is….natural.

But why China is becoming powerful? Well…..because they always were. They just had to take their time reminding those who had forgotten.





Lucas Brock

Originally Answered:?Why do China have so much power?

Because it has a population of nearly 1.4 billion and has a go nment that isn’t quite so corrupt as India, leading to a more productive country. Also, it was never conquered by colonial powers (utterly defeated, but not conquered) so it doesn’t suffer the developmental hiccups characteristic of other colonized countries like India and most of Africa that gained their independence late and with little to no infrastructure.

Also, since it is a developing country, it started out with very cheap labor costs , leading to a surge in production and economic power, but this is changing as China gets more developed and moves from a rural to urban based population that demands higher wages to live in more and more expensive cities. Eventually it will develop from a manufacture-based to service-based economy as it’s labor costs get higher and automation makes manufacturing easier to do domestically without outsourcing labor to foreign countries with cheaper labor.

Also, it is only a regional power for now, which is the minimum expected of a country with a population of 1.379 billion people, so it shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone. It’s hard not to be powerful with so many people under your control, having such a large population virtually guarantees a large economy and regional sway, even if a large chunk of your population deals with third-world living conditions.






Jack Fensterstock, China Advisor and Consultant (1978-present)

Originally Answered:?Why is China becoming more and more powerful?

Over the past 40 years China has been able to lift 800 million people out of poverty and raise its average annual GDP per capita from $158 to about $8,000. It has done this through a focused strategy which called for the modernization of agriculture, industry, science & technology, and defense.

By 2049, the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the PRC, China’s goal is to be a fully developed, rich, and powerful country with a clean and healthy environment.

The Chinese leaders are unrelenting in their quest to restore China to the leadership position it once enjoyed. It will be done through a combination of increasing the well being of its people through social and environmental progress; science, technology and education; multilateralism; and increasing its defense capabilities.

So bottom line, their ability to stay focused, make steady incremental progress, and somehow develop the human capital essential to manage their push for overall reform and opening-up is the reason “Why China is becoming more and more powerful”.







Chen Yan Kun

From 1840 to 1945, the Chinese invaded by many countries, China was weak and poor, premier zhou said Weak country undiplomatic, China must become strong up to avoid being bullied, suffered so much war, the idea of developing countries deeply implanted in the heart of every Chinese,Chinese people are very diligent,Everyone tries his best to contribute to the country,Let China stand tall in the world,China is afraid of falling behind other countries.



Jacob Tsutsumi, Japanese-American, knowledgeable in history and linguistics.

China is so powerful due to its strongly-ranked military and newly industrialized economy. Because of the large population and the amount of workers, the economy is growing rapidly.

China was also a powerhouse in the past. Napoleon even said “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.” which was actually true. However, it wasn’t a strong country at times. The British invaded China, so did the Mongols.




Harris Lynn, study Chinese culture, history, and people on my spare time

To be fair, China has always been powerful from a historical standpoint. It was just during the last three centuries really that it was in a weakened state, mostly because of internal turmoil. However, even at its weakest, China was able to stand its ground against the likes of European and American imperialism. That’s how it remained one of only 10 countries in the world that was never fully colonized by western powers:?10 Countries Who Were Never Colonized by Europeans.

However, unlike previous superpowers, China isn’t gobbling up overseas territories . That’s the key difference here.

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Saleh Talim

These reasons:

  1. All education and work in Mandarin, language, the most spoken variety of Chinese. This ensures that students don't have to waste their time in rote-learning and memorising an alien language to prove their skills in thier own country.
  2. Patriotic nature of Chinese people. This is another important trait which Chinese people share with other better developed parts of the world.
  3. China has huge landmass (3rd largest in the world) and also plenty of other resources which are utilised in proper manner to ensure that major part of population benefits from it.


  1. 所有教学和工作都使用普通话,普通话是最常用的汉语。这确保了学生们不必浪费时间死记硬背一门外语来证明他们在自己国家的技能。


3 中国幅员辽阔(世界第三),还有大量其他资源得到合理利用,使大部分人口可以从中受益。


Vinny Sonnasing

It has 2nd largest economy but on per capita basis its not even a middle income nation even as it is past its peak labour participation rates.

Yes. Powerful




Will Thomas, Instructor in Economics (2018-present)

China is becoming powerful because its economy has been growing very fast for a generation now and China is or will soon be the country with the largest GDP in the world. That puts a lot of resources in the hands of the Chinese go nment.



Alan Williams

Why shouldn’t China become a powerful country, China is working hard to develop a strong economy, advanced infrastructure etc.,



Dobbin Brown

check around quora, whenever someone post a picture showing how amazing the Chinese can accomplish such and such miracle, you ask about the worker’s salary. then you may understand why



Ramesh Raja, Managing Director at Real Estate (2004-present)

China has huge population means most populous country in the world. China peoples are less religious and believes in science and hard working persons. So China have so much power.



Harvey Murray, Freelance philosopher

Having over a billion people and a healthy economy helps a lot



Foziah Hamid

Because they keep on working and seldom poke nose in the affairs of others.



Tracy Sun, work in Shanghai since 2007

1/ 1.3B people

2/ Great governement

3/ hard working people

4/ strong army

5/ 1st economy in the world



3/ 努力工作的人




Andrew Ekleberry

People. That’s the reason. Lots and lots of people.

If China had fewer people, we wouldn’t notice they exist, because they are behind economically, militarily, technologically and so on.




Sam Arora, Life long student of Chinese history, culture, food, arts


I am a Canadian citizen in a few years I am here for 50 years. I have worked in the Canadian dairy/food/flavor industry in managerial to an executive position, for 30 years. And now for the last 15 years, I am gainfully employed in my business and hoping never to retire. I have two?M.Sc, one in dairy science (India), and others in food science (Canada).

My Chinese Connection:

My Chinese connection: I have worked with Chinese in various capacities as classmates, professors, coworkers, reports, neighbors, service providers, doctors and now 100 s if not 1000 s Chinese students, my clients. I have been to China several times, and several more trips are in the planning.





My affinity for China:

I am a very keen student of Chinese history, culture, food, arts, and want to see China from coast to coast. I was born in the small town of the Punjab region of India, to a very well off family (as per Indian standards), when young we moved to a beautiful city. My primary school teacher fired my imagination from childhood that our neighbor, China, is a charming country. It is very civilized and has an unbroken history of 6000 years. Since then, I always saw China in a very positive light, because that teacher was Godsend for me, and I knew he could not tell lies.

China has now one of the best infrastructures in the world.

Well, how many of you know China has the fastest train in the world, which attains a maximum speed of 431 km/hour, well off not very many people do not know, because press/media does not show over and over again.

Roads, highways, shipping ports, airport they are made for next century in mind, and state of the art, efficient and cut above the most advanced systems in the world.






The very safe country in the world:

When in China, I did not worry too much of violent crime, by and large, Chinese people are sincere. This country is very safe for women; I have seen women working/walking on the street in the middle of the night.

One of the very best public transportation in the world.

It is known fact China has one of the best transportation systems in the world.

Most of the Chinese see bright future:

Chinese are very optimistic about tomorrow, they know their country is moving very fast, and they are reaping the benefits of improved standards, they may complain here like all of us, but internally they know, they will make it. Some openly show their happiness and satisfaction.







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