What do British people think about India and Indian people?




Graeme Shimmin, I am British.

The average Briton's view of India:


1.India is a great place to go on holiday but it's a bit too far away. Could you move it a bit closer please?

2.India has monsoons and elephants. Elephants are good. Monsoons aren't good as the rain is even worse than it is here.

3.India is very, very hot - even hotter than Spain.

4.There are a lot of people in India. Maybe like a billion or something.

5.Most of them work in call centres - probably about three quarters of a billion.

6.The ones who don't work in call centres are beggars or computer programmers or Bollywood dancers.

7.There are no proper roads, just massive traffic jams, and everyone beeping their horns like mad as they sit in the jam.

8.Everyone sits on the roof of the trains too.

9.There are weird looking cows everywhere. Indians worship them or something.

10.They make films in a place called Bollywood. They're all musicals. The music is OK but the acting is dreadful and there's no story.











11.Some Indians write books and they usually win the Booker Prize.

12.Indians are good at cricket, but terrible at football. They have another weird game where the teams hold hands and chant or something.

13.Indians have?Who Wants to be a Millionaire?too.

14.Gandhi was from India. We aren't really sure what he did but it was good and involved lots of wise sayings and him being shot at the end.

15.Indians have arranged marriages which is a bit odd. Indian girls are all hot though, and Indians wrote the Kama Sutra, so it probably works out ok.

16.Curry is from India. Mmmmmm... curry :-)







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Please read this section before commenting

1.There are hundreds of comments on this answer, many making the exact same point: these views are inaccurate stereotypes. Please read the existing comments before berating me once again about how wrong I am.?I realise these opinions are not in any way accurate.

2.If like dozens of other commenters you think British people should know more about India ‘because of the Empire’:?it's three quarters of a century since Britain left India. Todays teenagers think the 9/11 attacks are irrelevant ancient history - the British Empire is about as real to them as the Roman Empire.

3.Before telling me once again how ‘dumb’ British people are, ask yourself how much you know about Switzerland or Brazil. If you’re anything like the hundreds of other people who have commented, you know even less about Brazil than the average British person knows about India.

4.That’s the whole point: all over the world people know little about foreign countries and the few things they do know mostly come from movies. Britain and India are no exception.







Dawn Rutherford Marchant, Born American. Married British. Citizen of UK since 1997.

I am American married into a British family and living in England.

My opinion is that their feelings are mixed. They know they have done wrong during the time of Empire, but it is so long ago that it does not burden them personally. I think the reality of the Empire for most Brits is in their day-to-day dealings with Indian people living in their country.

Older Brits are more racist and I think they hanker after the days when their country was more powerful so still retain a respect for Empire. They look upon dark skinned people with a good deal of negativity. Younger Brits are open minded (at least the educated ones who are all I know). They see the tremendous work ethic and intelligence of Indians and respect it. Saying that, there is still prejudice. Within the NHS that are many, many Indian doctors and it bothers people. This is especially true if they have an accent.

I don't feel that the British feel any particular responsibility towards India as a result of their behaviour there. In fact, many (most?) feel what they did was a contribution --- that the good administration in India is a result of the British Empire (I've heard this many times). At the same time, I do think the Brits?favour?Indians over other foreign nationals. They feel an affinity for India in the same way that Americans feel an affinity for Britain.






Jack Gowan, studied Psychology at University of Sheffield

I have travelled through India for several months a few years ago. My observations:

The good:



1.Amazing nature. Himalayas are spectacular and one of the most (maybe the most) beautiful place in the world. Rajasthan (amazing deserts) Assam, Kerala are also stunning etc.

2.Outstanding temples and palaces.

3.Indians have a unique culture and are mostly warm friendly people who are keen to meet with westerners and discuss all manner of things (often intellectual).

4.The 1000s of places to practice yoga and take part in spiritual conversations.

5.Indian music. I loved listening to all the songs while I was travelling around India. I have a great memory of being on a jeep listening to this mesmerising Indian music while looking at the Himalayas (I think it was a Bhajan). I liked it everywhere.

6.Mango lassi. Super sweet Chai.

7.The food! All the varied Indian street food. The curries. The desserts.

8.The spirituality of the place. There is something in the air. Amazing experiences staying at an ashram. Amazing spiritual people.

9.The exciting hustle and bustle of being in an Indian city. Cows and other animals walking around the city centres.










The bad:

  1. Indians tend to be very nationalistic and it can make discussing/critiquing India problematic. I held my tongue often when discussing often with Indians when I saw the passion they had for their country. This could be seen as a good point too (depending on your perspective).
  2. Street harassment will happen to you everywhere in India for westerners. People will come up to you everywhere - good people, insistent shop keepers, scammers, beggers. And a lot of westerners become rude because of this treatment.
  3. The scale of people and poverty is on another level. A not uncommon sight is beggers near death, with limbs missing asking for money. Brazil favelas seem middle class in comparison to poverty in India. And people are just everywhere. Of course, there is a lot of middle class and super rich too.
  4. A surprising absence of women. They are not very noticeable and seemed to be less of them around the city (are they stuck in offices/homes?). For example, I was never served food once by an Indian woman in all the time I was there. It seemed that men did practically all customer service jobs.
  5. Indian people stare at you. In restaurants, on trains, in temples, everywhere you go Indians are staring at you. This goes for double if you are a woman. And they often don't look away if you look at them. It can be annoying. Many single female travellers go to India, but as in most countries they have to be careful, at night in particular.
  6. Deli belly. India has a lot of germs and some bad hygiene practices and a lot of westerners get sick visiting India.
  7. Guru scammers. They are a lot of dodgy gurus that have set up spiritual groups to scam money out of vulnerable westerners who are looking for answers to their lives.
  8. The chaotic infrastructure. However India is doing some impressive things recently (e.g. solar technology).

Note: In general I think India is an amazing country, and well worth visiting. But like every country it has flaws.


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  7. 专家骗子。他们是狡猾的大师,建立了精神团体,从脆弱的西方人手里骗取钱财,而这些人正在寻找生命的答案。
  8. 基础设施脏乱差。不过365体育投注官方吧_365bet亚洲版官网_365体育投注体育在线开户最近做了一些吸人眼球的事情(比如太阳能技术)。



Sudhir Suvarna, The Never Give Up Man

I am an Indian who lived in Britain for more than 10 years and this is what my manager who was English thought about India:


1.Wondered why Indians visit Britain for holiday when India is the most beautiful place in the world.

2.Thanks India for U.K.'s national food - Chicken Tikka Massala

3.Felt Slumdog Millionaire shouldn't have been made.

4.Did not understand why Bollywood has a lot of western style of music when we have such a rich traditional Indian music.






Maulik Desai, studied Electrical Engineering

I am from India and I am in UK since last july for my company's project work. I have came across some weird idea in Britisher's mind about India.Like:


1.Transportation: We still travel on camel or elephant.But fact is that it was before 70-80 years.Now we have? metro , high speed train,air connectivity, luxurious bus facility etc. For example, Indian railway network is about 71,000 km long.

2.Food: They think that we eat only spicy food. Here, people think that spicy means more chili powder, but it is not like that. We use different type of spices like Cumin, Cloves, Coriander, Turmeric,Mustard seed, Chili powder? to? enhance taste of food not only chili powder.

3.Weather: They think India is hot country. In some aspect, they are right but entire India is not hot. If we consider northern part of India near Himalaya, it is too cold.?

4.Most of the people believe in God. That's True.

5.Intelligent:?I have experienced that? whenever i tell that i am Indian and i am an engineer then reply is same"You Indian people are so intelligent and hard working". Reason behind this is that? here in NHS (National Health? Service) most doctors are Indian. Particularly in Newcastle Upon Tyne(name of city where i live) most taxi drivers are Pakistani or? Bangladeshi, you will not find any? Indian taxi driver.

6.Area:When i told my colleague that india is almost? 13 to 14 times bigger than UK, he couldn't believe that. In fact four states of India are larger than entire UK.

7.Language: They think we all speak HINDI. But fact is that as per WIKI India has 122 major languages and 1,599 other languages.








In UK , Britisher's like Indian food so they go to Indian restaurant frequently but for there record, most of them? are owned by Pakistani or Bangladeshi because it would not attract customer if it is named as Pakistani or Bangladeshi restaurant.



George Mitton, British, frequent visitor to India

Since my youth, I have had a fascination with India. After six visits and a total of about six months in the country, my interest has only intensified. I think India is a marvellously colourful, endlessly surprising country that is almost embarrassingly rich in culture and history. I have the pleasure of calling many Indian folk (mostly, as it happens, non-resident) my friends.

In short, I am an indophile.

However, as a white Englishman, I am aware that my love of India exists in a problematic cultural context. Would this country have captured my imagination had I not read the tales of Rudyard Kipling as a child? The British Empire created stories and myths to glorify itself - to convince British citizens to take pride in and affirm ownership of their imperial “possessions”.

Even Indian place names carry a historical weight in the English language, redolent of colonial crimes or retributions - Amritsar, Lucknow, the black hole of Calcutta.

India is relatively easy for me to explore because English is widely spoken. Why? A legacy of the Raj.

The diplomatic way in which the UK’s foreign office chooses to explain Britain’s relationship with India is that we have “a shared history”. Alas, this relationship was never one of equality.








Derek Day

As a Brit who lived in Delhi for 6 months - I love India, and think highly of most of the people I met or encountered when going about my business there.

After I returned to the UK I did some domestic plumbing work. Most of my customers were ‘typical’ English ranging from those who would frequent spit-and-sawdust pubs (particular good for their weekend brawls), to very wealthy people who drove cars more expensive than my house. Mostly arrogant, condescending assholes with bad-mannered kids.

The Indian (or Indian descent) customers were invariably polite, and their kids well-mannered and genuinely interested in what I was doing. I particularly remember one young lad (about 6) who insisted on handing me tools - the right ones at the right time.

Got a lot of time for the Indian community, and would choose to live in India again if the opportunity arose.

BTW:- Real Indian food is?much?better than British Indian food. A trip to India would be worthwhile just to explore the cuisine, let alone the history, geography and culture.






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