Indian Culture: What is wrong with the current Indian mindset?



M Jawahar Reddy, EEE from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

India is the land of resources. That is the reason we don't find any Indian king who invaded another country but we find Kings like M.Ghazni who reapetedly tried to conquer our part of land.

Ancient India has a special place for itself in the fields of science, food, culture e.t.c. But the people of modern India i.e. we are never bothered about it. We always try to follow the Western culture.

In olden days, people of India used coal, neem stems and salt to clean mouth, who were gradually changed to use toothpaste and now, again, we are asked whether our toothpaste has salt or not…

In India, we have great monuments of sculpture. We have temple entrances called Gopurams of about 300 feet high which stood stiff, constructed in those days but we never care about those monuments and go on reading about the leaning tower of Pisa.

India once has the people who used to cure any type of disease with medicinal plants. As we are attracted towards the Western culture, no one knows about it these days. The first anesthesia was used by an Indian, father of surgery, Susrutha.






Yoga and meditation were first practiced in India. Taking deep breaths can stop us from getting 70% of diseases. Air is for free but we don't make it productive instead we buy and breath the smoke of cigarettes.

The greatest epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata happened in India. There are many powers in India which we know them as something different but don't know the reason behind. If the reasons were passed on from generation to generation, India would be the country with maximum number of scientific patent rights.

Even today, Inspite of our negligence towards our history, science and culture, Indians stand top globally. CEOs of many big companies are Indians and the reason behind many scientific success are Indian people.





Omkar Khair, lives in India

India lacks organization. We have a?jugaad?mindset.

I am born and brought up in India. As a kid we are used to following a few things in India, that we would have been frowned upon for in a developed country. Relieving ourselves on a street side, littering around public properties is a common sight. As an adolescent I started to notice the wrongs, and have been correcting myself since.

Here's one of the many things I see going wrong with our mindset.

When I'm out with friends, I'm subject to mockery because I hold back from throwing a wrapper or a paper plate on the street. I come home with my pockets filled with waste, in case I don't find a good place to dispose it off. At one point I started picking up stuff that my friends threw. Instead of this compelling them to reflect, and stop doing it; it encouraged them to do it and have the sight of me picking it up. I'm no saint. I stopped. Since then I manage my own waste, and avoid imposing my thoughts on others.





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Not littering around public/private areas and keeping clean is a very basic and essential understanding. We just love to bluntly ignore it. What our mindset teaches us is -?"When others don't do it, why should I?", "Me not littering around isn't going to affect the tons of garbage already there". What we easily miss out on is -

You are not supposed to do it because it is a written rule, but because it is the right thing to do. What others do or don't should not affect your decisions.

We are the kind of people who only follow traffic rules when there is a cop around.?We have created a society where the only thief is the one who gets caught!

We lack moral, ethical and social organization to great extents. In a 1.2 billion population country struck with scarcity of resources we only live for ourselves and not for the society we live in.







There is nothing wrong with the current Indian mindset.?

Mindset is not something that is designed, it is something that evolves and adapts. Asking this question is similar to asking: what is wrong with evolution? Nothing; evolution does not care whether it is right or wrong. The path taken by a community/nation's mindset is strongly dependent on its condition. Outside of dictatorships, individuals (and thereby, communities) always take the path of least resistance and maximum payback.

India is a young nation of scarcity where people thrive on individual-scale competitiveness, not cooperation. Everything is and has been in short supply, if not in quantity, then in distribution. The poverty we see today was much worse at any time more than a hundred years ago. Why would a person, be it a politician, a farmer, or a merchant,?not?look out for themselves and their families alone? When the regime changed every 10-20 years bringing about draconian laws, and the go nment existed only to charge ridiculous taxes (the British charged taxes in excess of 30%), hell, I'd easily believe my home?is?my nation. My family is my only responsibility. I have to look out for them. Why should I care about how the road outside my house looks? Why should I care what tax-payers paid for the 2G infrastructure? Indians use the system to their advantage because they know that it is difficult to be successful without doing so, at least not in a predictable way.?




Attributing the backwardness of India to the mindset of the people is philosophical solace to help turn away from the much more complicated problem of a people chronically stifled by limited resources and limited energy.??????

Change the conditions: reduce scarcity, improve law enforcement, make people outside a few philosophers see the real advantage in being law-abiding citizens, control population, and change will happen.?Look, the people who ask questions like what's wrong with the mindset aren't owed anything by other people.?Nobody really cares about the deeper implications of the Indian mindset. Personal satisfaction comes first. This is true in India, Europe, the US, Japan, China, virtually anywhere in the world.

It is not like change the mindset, and India will change. Change India, and the mindset will change.





Aseem Bansal, lives in India

There is a big misunderstanding regarding China

A large section of Indian people's mindset is that India has lost to China in every way. They think China is better and India can never hope to compete with it. China may have gone further in many aspects but to think that India cannot be competitive? I cannot agree with that.

Collection of Certificates

Many people instead of trying to get knowledge want to collect as many certificates as possible. Government also has its focus on quantity of people that it can educate rather than the quality of education that should be delivered.

The movie 3 Idiots really made this point.

Most don't want to take risk

Most of the people don't want to take risk. I am talking about entrepreneurship. Graduates want to find a job. Most don't want to think about self-employment or entrepreneurship.









Aditya Pandey, Learning from experiences.

I was out for a ride with my younger brother somewhere in the city outskirts.

My brother was playing with my phone when he took the picture.

Later I told him that it wasn't right to shoot someone's private moments without seeking their permission.

He was sorry, so I avoided scolding him for a mistake he did unknowingly.

The picture is of a park, and while we were walking we saw something strange happening, there were some boys covered with Orange scarf's and mufflers shouting on someone, when I went closer I found that they were the same couple.

A lot of people gathered and mobbed the couple, both of them were being bashed by some Idiots.

Soon they grabbed the guy’s collar, but thankfully thing's didn't escalate much as the public interfered and the matter was sorted after some time[1].

The boys were from a local college,and worked as a moral police in the city.

Some of them said, that?It's all because of the western culture,?and they won't let their culture to be spoiled by couples like them.

The group also has a good political support, but I don't want to mention the name of the group and the people who support it.(as?I don't want this answer to get political)[2]

There have been instances when couples have been brutually beaten for holding hands in public, and moreover you can't kiss your girl in India.

While anthropological evidence suggest that India may have been the real birthname of the potentially misnamed ‘French kiss'

What an Irony is that, The land of?‘Kamasutra’[3]?which taught the world more and better ways to screw, does not allows its own citizens to display simple gestures.
















Falling in love is wonderful and when the feeling is mutual ,it feels like heaven on earth, and when it happens we want to show this love to whoever cares.

We care least about others, though I believe that things should not exceed be a limit, I certainly argue that there is no Constitution approved ‘criteria' for this.

There needs to be a parameter about?‘How much is too much?’

Different people have different perspectives about PDA , and noone gives you a right to harass a couple just because you are too ugly to have a girlfriend.

Isn’t it the greatest irony in India..that

1.It's socially acceptable to beat a women but you can not kiss her.

2.It's socially acceptable to ask for dowry but things are frowned upon when you ask her out for a date.

3.It's socially acceptable to slap a man in public but you dare not hug him.

We need to be more open, India needs to be more open, with not just financial barriers but social barriers too.











Abhinav Jain, works at Accenture

Indians mind-set, particularly among students is more of getting ready for jobs, although it is currently changing. Even among teachers and professors there is no urge for innovation to inspire students beyond, facts, figures, formulas and beyond jobs. Professors must encouraged to continue the research of their interest. This is best time for them all as the world is in transition mode from jobs to entrepreneur ships, dogma to experience, knowledge to skills, classical to quantum, big to small, large to specifics, larger groups to smaller communities, singular to plural and then progress to.Your surrounding,culture and environment play a major role in creating a particular mindset.India is a Land of Jugaad not sure if that is appreciated in the IITs & IIMs of today.But we are so much dependent on Jugaad? and jobs oriented mindset. This is the major problem of current Indian mindsets as it has started following a trend of earning name and fame without taking care of the overall development of the country into consideration.



Swathi Shankar, M.B.A from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad?

Following is a common scenario prevalent in Indian families..

When a girl child is born, she receives equal education just like her brother (Maybe, of late?).

She is expected to stand first in her school.

She is expected to top in her college too.

She is expected to get a well-paying job.

And now, when she is 23…

She is expected to quit her aspirations of further schooling.

Yes, she is expected to get married.

I am not questioning the option of settling down. Rather, I wish there really exists an option.

It is a general mindset that?career and married life don't go hand in hand. And this rule applies only for women.

It is always conceived to be a this-or-that question, which may necessarily not be the case.












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