?World Bank cuts growth forecast to 6% from 7.5%



NEW DELHI: The World Bank on Sunday sharply lowered India's economic growth projection for the financial year to 6%, against the original estimate of 7.5%, joining a host of agencies that have downgraded the forecast since the RBI pared its estimate at the start of the month.


India's growth rate, which was faster than China's until a few quarters ago, is now expected to be slower than Bangladesh and Nepal, the World Bank said in its report on South Asia, while linking the slowdown in the region to global factors.




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Anjan Kesh - Humara India - 8 hours ago -Follow

We have only gone below Bangladesh and Nepal but Modiji''s vision is always on Pak, he will bring us to Pak''s GDP levels.



Anjan Kesh - Humara India - 8 hours ago -Follow

Blind bhakts should remember India achieved a record 10.2% growth rate under Manmohan Singh in 2010, and we have never reached even 9% in any of the 11 years that BJP has ruled India since independence.



Deepak - Karnataka - 7 hours ago -Follow

Wow! Our growth rate now slower than Bangladesh and Nepal!!!. Congratulations to Modiji!. You could achieve in 5 years what congress couldn''t achieve in 60 years!!!. Next target should be to overtake Zimbabwe!!!.





Patriot - Bharata Mata - 8 hours ago -Follow

While India is facing severe economy slowdown, low life Feku and Shah are busy diverting people



Vasaikars M - Vasai - 6 hours ago -Follow

Dont worry it will increase after one more poem with photo and kachara saf safai with photos.



santosh - 6 hours ago -Follow

Modiji started to following Imran khan. From 7.5 % to 6 % great achievement.



SNAAATION - 6 hours ago -Follow

India to sell cow dung, pakoda, watch bollywood movies, GDP will achieve 8%



truth hurts - up - 7 hours ago -Follow

World Bank is anti national. It should be booked for sedition. Anyway these numbers have only academic significance and no real effect on ground. Have belief in modiji who is greatest leader of India. We are now vishwa guru.



Quhesobi - 7 hours ago -Follow

Feku and his stooges are still in denial mode on the economy. What he has done in Feku 1.0 period finally pays its dividends in Feku 2.0 period. Unfortunately,, the worst is yet to come because the damages done by Feku are far from being repaired. Moreover, IMF should have done so before GE19. It turns out that India is going to waste another 5 years of development because of this..



Strategic Speaking - 7 hours ago -Follow

With and FM and an RBI governor like we got, what else can be expected? My primary teacher was better economic expert than these stooges..




Guest - Noida - 7 hours ago -Follow

By my continuous talking it will go to 9 percent by end 2019



Ulhas - Navi Mumbai - 5 hours ago -Follow

DEVELOPED countries like US, China , Japan grow at a slower pace than PERPETUALLY DEVELOPING countries like India. Anything below 10% is poor performance for India even in bad times.



Sanjoy Pandey - Kolkata - 8 hours ago -Follow

Government should initiate suitable corrective measures to reverse the down turn in the economy.



Jagdip Vaishnav - Mumbai - 7 hours ago -Follow

Economy slow down prevails, it shall become intense gradually



Arun Choudhary - 8 hours ago -Follow

World economy has?detoriated effects on Indian must be visible ,,,,,



Alok Gupta - 3 hours ago -Follow

BJP should take strong action for revival of the economy growth. Something is very wrong with the present scenario. Nirmal Sitharaman is not capable to lead her present position as the finance minister.



Millan - Guangzhou - 4 hours ago -Follow

it is 2% in reality



JASPREET SINGH OBEROI - 5 hours ago -Follow

Why worry ? This must be some foreign institution out to weaken the go nment. Our movies are doing well and hence the economy as well. We do not need to take any corrective action



Anand Mirle - BLR - 6 hours ago -Follow

There is softness in the economy all over the world and India is no exception. Look at Germany and other European economies - They are at zero growth...We are far better and we will recover from this "slowdown"...



Ivo Sequeira - 4 hours ago -Follow

Stop blaming our PM. It is like scolding a KG kid for not being able to solve a Class 10 question. The PM doesn''t have an inkling of what''s happening on the economic front in the country.



Ulhas - Navi Mumbai - 5 hours ago -Follow

WHAT is growing FASTER? Population or GDP?



Silicon Valley homes - KL - 6 hours ago

slow down in US. San Francisco bay area silicon valley home prices are falling and will be down 70 % - 75 % in 2020 just like 1929 Great Depression with unprecedented Foreclosures and Under water.

美国经济也在放缓。旧金山湾区、硅谷的房价正在下跌,到2020年将暴跌70% - 75%,就像1929年的大萧条一样


Ulhas - Navi Mumbai - 6 hours ago -Follow

If damage wrought by the floods is taken into account, NET growth would be negative.



Balachandramenon Vengasserry - Alappuzha - 2 hours ago -Follow

These are purely cyclical changes.


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